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Spoiled Rice, a sneak peek into the next story, book 2 of the real inky trails is coming soon. #ep027

Spoiled Rice is a sneak peek into the next story in the Real Inky Trails series, book 2 is called, Casting Shadow on the tattooed trail, coming soon   Here, this is it! This is chapter 19 of the Shad story. Well, just a peak in on ch. 19.  Spoiled Rice …He ought to be at a much higher place than this, but here he is. Author of the Real Inky Trails series Old soldiers like him never die, they just plan the war and sends young soldiers, or younger soldiers like Jay, for instance, send them to the battlefield to suffer, to bleed and to die.  Not him though. No, he won’t die, this old soldier won’t let him die. He likes the guy, that’s actually the reasons why, why he had was to bother. He is an old man now, have seen quite a bit in his lives, and in his times. Yes, I know. Some of you might be found to have issues with those terms, -lives and times. But as far as this old man is concerned, he has had many, very many, many a-lives and times. The old man

Jamming in the Jan can, the sixteenth and final chapter in the book of rules story, #ep026

Chapter sixteen: Jamming in the Jan can. welcome to the final chapter of the story as told in the book called, the sword, the word and the books of rules. thank you for the interest shown and be advised that this is not the end, we've only just begun. Book 2 is coming soon.  Author page on Amazon, E Lloyd Kelly What have we gotter here? He would have queried over his beer. Slurring the words off of the place where his tongue used to be heard. But now, he just needs to do the peep, like, take a peep, pee-peeping in the lavatory. “Here,” he was to swear, “hold this for me,” it was his can of beer. “I’ll be right back.” Said the man, and he was a lot gone, just like that. “What’s taking him so long?” Asked the boy now still holding on to the can, he can no longer hanger-on to this beer can watching plan. So, he was to hop along to knock upon the Jan, or more like, upon the door of the pan, and much, much more than. No score, no response came back to dance at

How was the ball game played over there? Welcome to Ch. 14b. And Ep. #024

The story continues, as seen through the eyes of a blind fool with a wild imagination. Read on, and be sure to subscribe for more. Note, book two is coming soon. Here is episode #024   How was the ball game? He was watching the ball game on TV some time ago, a baseball game it was to show. It was a very close match, and tension was running batch, like batch high. Meet the Montreal author & poet A very astute and capable hitter was at the plate to bat, a loaded base ahead of him at that, if one remembers well the thing to whack. The pitcher, the pitcher would have tried any and everything, just to get out of the inning with the least if any damage at all done to him.  He would have thrown one ball after another, but like, like straight, straight at the hitting hitter, or more like, straight at his head, bitter. Each time getting even closer to hitting the person instead of striking and worsening, you know, like worsening him out. And each time the hitt