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Introducing The Inky Trails Book Series

E Lloyd Kelly Author and poet proudly presents, Introducing The Inky Trails Book Series  Get it on Amazon Hello world, E Lloyd Kelly the author and poet, also blogs under the name, writingelk here, among other places. If you don't know him yet, just stick around with us here for a while. In no time soon, you will come to discover the writing elk and the beauty of his mind. And yes, the ugliness too, of which there is a lot for you to boo, be warned. Here though, we shall be venturing down a path to share with you the wonders of creative writers and their writing, maybe. Starting off at the beginning, with the chiefest of friends, me, and some of my ramblings. So, who is elk. And why do I write? That very question was asked elsewhere before, think it was in the night, and here is the answer, as said behind those doors, and dim the light: I'm a guy of many words, but whose tongue is slow and heavy, and my words tend to come out awkward and clumsy, so I write, because I al