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Alone again, in Kingsley's den. Chapter ten, #014

You are about to be blown away by what goes on in Kingsley den. Welcome to chapter ten, and bring along a friend, you don't want to be alone in this when...  Buy on Amazon All for one and one for all, that was the way how they crawl, it was the premises upon which they had stood up tall. They had pledged this to each other from the very opener, and for some of them, this was the right call. Well, for at least one of them. It would have served him well in the end, or more like, near the end of him. Or did it? It was to have happened when comes the time. In a little while, it would have been time to divide the looted spoils. Built upon this mantra, they would have ventured out and prospered, even if it was to be for a short while, they would have prospered, and in style. But then, upon one glorious return back home again, with all of the loot which they'd earned and win while hopping and popping out and around in circulars den. There sat them down, readying themselv

Chapter nine is a slippery pole climb - welcome to chapter 9, ep. 013

Welcome back to the book of rules story, get ready to climb the slippery pole alongside Kingsley men. here is today's ep. #013. which is ch. 9. Chapter nine: The caring night of the Knights. E Lloyd Kelly, author.  They were climbing up the slippery pole, trying to get up the downhill slope which they were climbing. But, they did not know that that was to be the hidden role. Rolling the roles that each one would have to eat, in order to meet up with his God’s teeth, and all of the preset goals. And be sold upon who was to be the god, to redeem the soul? Each man, each person would have approached from divers direction, bearing heavy burdens upon his backside hung, as he would have entered the chosen village, and pay the king's ransom of a toll, in order to get into the king's court, and privilege. Which may or may not be equal to everything he possesses, and to pay his worth, but he must, in order to enter into the carriage. If not enough, it is in the ki

Beam Weavers, and puppeteers | Chapter eight, Ep #012

Welcome to Chapter eight, and ep. #012 of the book, the sword, the word and books of rules, a story by E Lloyd Kelly, this chapter is called: Beam Weavers and puppeteers   Here is today's episode, enjoy. Chapter eight: Beam Weavers, and puppeteers Go to the author's bookshelf Those were the good old days, they were living fair, and sitting in their swivel chairs, that would have been the order of the day over there, but as for him, he was not to be there, even though he was, in fact, a square. There was a situation rare where he would sit atop the mountains up there, up on top of the world, and not even seeing a girl that would, or could love him good like she should, …oh no, that’s not good. Yeah! I know, I know. But, he would have stared with his Bungy eyes cleared, as he did look out and over the whole earth fair. And there he would have seen things and what might be their worth, and in seeing he was to see also, almost everything that there was to be se

The meet-up. In continuation of chapter seven, (ch. 7b,) ep #011

That meet up there was to be the last time that all ten were to be meeting up again together, all together in one open playpen of beloved brotherly brothers.  Now we continue along with chapter 7b Go see the author's page That meet up there was to be the last time that all ten of them plus a dead one were to ever be meeting up again together, all together in one open playpen of beloved brotherly brothers. But they were never really apart. Just walking the path, and engaging with the world in the smarts, and studying the arts, and the girls, and the crafting and the pearls, and the artisan, and all that could be canned they would have canned. They did can the candy man and put him in a tight-lid can, and constrained him therein, and then stained him, and estranged him from his mainland unto a strange one, and another, and then yet another, never to get back together with his father, his mother and with his brothers ever again. If things like these were ever to have ha